How To Prepare Your Home For a Photo Shoot Before Selling

    wp13Preparing for Your Photo Shoot!

    In preparation for your photo shoot we’ve compiled a quick list of tips and guidelines to make it a success and to speed up the process. The photo shoot will take approximately 60-90 minutes and can vary depending on the house.

    Here are some things you can check off to speed up the process:

    1. Open all blinds and shutters throughout the house, the more natural light the better!

    2. Turn on all the lights in every room including table lamps and accent lights, if you have spare bulbs,

    replace the burned out ones

    3. Clear counter tops and table surfaces leaving only decorating items

    4. Spot clean any mirrors

    5. Remove any personal items you don’t want photographed and shown online

    6. Make sure all toilet seats are closed

    7. Turn off all ceiling fans

    8. If you have a pool vacuum, we recommend that you remove it for the shoot

    The goal is to show as much of your home as possible to home buyers looking online. If its not tucked away in a closet or hiding in the attic, there is a very good chance it will be photographed.

    During the photo shoot the photographer will use a wide angle lens. Using this type of lens provides excellent photos, but it also means capturing everything and everyone in sight. If you can see the camera, it can see you and it will be photographing you. If you’re in the frame/photo the photographer will let you know. For the most part expect to be in a different room or behind the photographer during the photo shoot.

    Once the photographer starts shooting you are welcome to hang out or hide out. We understand it can be a little awkward trying to keep a conversation going when the two people are in different rooms.

    Depending on the type of processing chosen, photos take from 1 to 3 days to process. Once they are ready you will be provided an online gallery to view your photos.

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