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How We Sold a 1.5 Million Dollar Home in Pima Acres in 3 Days

There are a lot of factors that go into how fast a home sells: price, locations, market conditions, and the condition and features of the home itself. Something that many sellers might not consider, though is how many buyers come from social media, whether it be a real estate team’s Facebook post or a paid ad. However, smart pricing and the right kind of marketing are what truly convert someone from a casual browser of homes online to a bonafide buyer.

Here at the Laughton Team, we’ve learned from experience that if a home is priced correctly, it’s only a matter of getting that property in front of the right buyer to get it sold fast. Agents or brokerages that only list a home on the MLS or trust Zillow to do their marketing are doing their clients a major disservice.

Consider this:
  • 84% of all home buyers in 2016 used info they researched online to inform their home search (source)
  • 44% of home buyers bought a home they found by searching online (source)
  • Only 9% of Realtors actually use social media to market listings (source)

In the case of 9930 E Foothill Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 we were able to find a cash buyer quickly thanks to our incredible marketing team, who all know the extreme importance of marketing your home online. Using social media, they created a targeted home ad built to showcase this magnificent property to potential buyers outside of Arizona.

And guess what? An out of state buyer saw the ad, and within days the deal was done with our agent, Tiffany Gobster.

While almost every agent will tell you they are masters of online and social marketing, the harsh truth is that not all of them have the resources and experience to take full advantage of the changes happening daily in the digital world. How do you tell the difference? It’s simple – results.

If you’re looking for a Realtor and team that truly goes above and beyond, give us a call and let us show you how we sold $107 million dollars in Arizona real estate last year: 623-295-0203.

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