October Market Headlines

    Top News
    New rules on home closing go into effect Monday.  Here’s what you need to know.
    Washington Post – These new rules will have a major impact on banks, lenders and real estate and title companies – many of whom are not ready for the changes – and on consumers who will have more time to review and understand the fees they are charged when they apply for a real estate loan.
    How prepared are you for the TRID? (QUIZ)
    HousingWire – Compare your company’s progress against the criteria below to determine where you are today and what it will take to be fully prepared for the TRID deadline.

    Industry News
    Mortgage rates hold steady
    Washington Post – A government shutdown was averted.  The Federal Reserve stood put on interest rates.  The two events expected to rock the mortgage market never came to fruition.  As a result, home loan rates barely budged this week, according to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac.
    Mortgage applications decrease
    MBA – Mortgage application decreased 6.7 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the MBA Weekly Mortgage Application Survey for the week ending September 25, 2015.
    Here’s what pushes people to buy homes in 2015
    Realtor.com – People buy homes for as almost as many different reasons as there are, well, different types of houses to buy. So if we take a step back and look at the main drivers in today’s home-buying decisions, it helps paint a clear picture of just what buyers these days want.

    Technology News
    Nest gets into the smart-lock game by going old school
    Wired – Today, Yale, the company, unveiled a digital lock that taps into the “smart home” system designed by Nest. The Google-owned Nest makes Internet-connected thermostats, security cameras, and smoke detectors that also handle carbon monoxide, but that’s not all.
    New on Facebook: Looping video profiles, temporary pictures, larger images
    USA Today – The giant social network is rolling out the features to a small number of users on iOS in California and the United Kingdom before introducing the changes more broadly. The reason Facebook is focusing on profiles: It says people visit them four billion times a day.
    State-by-state look at incentives for computer data centers
    Washington Post – States are competing to attract computer data centers by offering financial incentives, often by waiving sales or property taxes on the expensive equipment they use. A state-by-state look at those incentives, how much they have cost taxpayers and which companies have benefited.
    7 places you can learn to speak another language for free
    INC.com – Learning a new language is no easy task. Thankfully, there are an endless number of resources and technologies to help you quickly and effectively learn a different language. And while that’s really awesome, it also presents a new challenge. Which platform works best for you?
    Microsoft launches Skype Translator to break down language barriers.
    USA Today – On Thursday, Microsoft-owned Skype started rolling out Skype Translator for Windows to help break down the language barriers. It works with six voice languages–English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish—and promises near real time translations while you and another person are engaged over Skype in conversation.

    Other News
    Data breach snags data from 15M T-Mobile customers
    CNET – Hackers stole the personal data of 15 million T-Mobile customers by going after the company that processes the wireless carrier’s credit checks.

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